Project Description

Amir Nakib, PhD

Amir Nakib, PhD, is professor of Artificial Neural Networks and Metaheuristics Optimisation at DSTI. He is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Amir received his M D in Electronic and image processing in 2004 from the Université Paris 6. In December 2007, he received a PhD degree in Computer Sciences from the Université Paris 12 (France) and in 2015, the habilitation in Computer Science from the Université Paris Est. Since September 2010, Amir is a Senior Lecturer at the Université Paris Est Laboratoire LISSI. My research concerns learning-based optimization for computer vision, and network problems. Vinci is currently the Head of the Artificial Intelligence at VINCI.
It is said that he his one of the toughest teacher @ DSTI, get ready! 😉