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Business Meetings of Capenergies


DSTI participated in the Business Meetings held by the General Assembly of Capenergies on June 12th. The 5th edition of Capernegies business meetings was held at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille. It gave us the opportunity to meet various innovative companies and major actors from the energy sector. Moreover, we discussed with various entrepreneurs regarding internships opportunities for our students. Data ScienceTech Institute is proud to count Capenergies as one of our most important partner. The Capenergies competitiveness cluster is a non-profit organisation which promotes sustainable business growth and job creation in the energy transition sector. It supports various [...]

Business Meetings of Capenergies2018-11-29T15:51:13+02:00

SAS Open Day 18


Data ScienceTech Institute organized an Open Day "SAS Ecosystem DSTI Chair" class with the Cohort 2018, on Monday June 25th. Prospective students had the opportunity to visit either Sophia-Antipolis or Paris campus and to follow a class given by our partner SAS during the whole day. The class was given by Olivier Gassner in our Paris Campus, and Online in full interaction with Sophia-Antipolis and the world, using our HD telepresence system. Mr Gasnner introduced SAS Enterprise Miner's predictive modeling methods, including regression method and machine learning. This Open Day inspired our participants and allowed them to learn important notions and concepts regarding the SAS Enterprise Miner certification. [...]

SAS Open Day 182018-11-29T15:55:09+02:00

SAS Forum France 2018


Data ScienceTech Institute participated to SAS Forum France 2018 in Paris on Tuesday June 5th. SAS Forum France has welcomed 1300 participants and more than 70 speakers. There were many conferences, workshops, demos and networking opportunities. We also had the opportunity to exchange ideas and to introduce Data ScienceTech Institute' programmes to many experts and prospective students. It also focused on what students want in terms of career advice and information. There was a dedicated space on "The Jobs of Tomorrow", with academic speakers and keynote on future jobs related to articifial intelligence. DSTI students also had the opportunity to play [...]

SAS Forum France 20182018-10-11T16:14:54+02:00

Interview with Nehmy Forbin – Former captain in the French Air Force


Nehmy Forbin is a former student from the Autumn 2017 cohort. Before joining DSTI, he served as captain in the French Air Force and was in charge of all forecasting for French aircrafts. Nehmy shares his experience at DSTI. Tell us about your current internship. I am currently doing my internship in an information system consulting firm. We develop the information systems of human resources for some companies and our customers ask to add Big Data offers in their systems. Therefore, my job is to find some ways to use big data techniques [...]

Interview with Nehmy Forbin – Former captain in the French Air Force2019-05-27T15:25:20+02:00

Data Engineer vs Data Scientist: the Evolution of Aggressive Species


Data ScienceTech Institute is very excited to announce that our brilliant Dean, Sebastien Corniglion, has published an article posted on the well-known platform KDNuggets. The article studies at how data scientists and data engineers harmonise and coexist. Years after founding Data ScienceTech Institute, Sébastien realized that there are two kinds of population: data scientists trying to avoid IT, and data engineers trying to avoid maths. Preferences are clearly distinguished. This article points the fact that there is a real need of IT infrastructures for Data Science. Distinct human resources policies on which skills are needed today need to be set up. [...]

Data Engineer vs Data Scientist: the Evolution of Aggressive Species2018-11-09T14:42:03+02:00

A Testimonial by Nicolas Aguirre Dobernack


Nicolas Aguirre Dobernack (Spain) Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence  Spring 2017 - Online student I would like to start this essay by providing a small context of my background, my studies and my current work as well as how my studies in DSTI have driven an excellent career path for me. I always had passion for new technologies. I studied a superior degree in Telecommunications engineering in Spain, after which I completed an MSc in Electronic engineering. My final MSc project at that time brought a [...]

A Testimonial by Nicolas Aguirre Dobernack2019-05-28T10:09:51+02:00

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