Asynchronous online learning at DSTI

How can you reconcile your active life, despite the current pandemic and your continued desire to learn at your own pace?

The current pandemic has forced many people to reconsider many aspects of their lives: family projects, life in society, the way we work or the way we improve our knowledge.

Life goes on none the less! There are now amazing tools that can help us with achieving this. Tools that allow us to reorganize ourselves (remote meetings are now commonplace), but also to learn new skills while improving existing ones.

Advanced training in data management in times of pandemic

Are you an engineer who just finished his studies, a working professional with many years of experience or simply someone who is intrigued by the influence of big data and artificial intelligence in our society? Do you marvel at the mass of data that surrounds you and would you like to extract relevant information for the subjects that you are passionate about, all while improving your existing skills?

Why not consider a training in the fields of Data Analytics, Data Science or Data Engineering in this case?

Data ScienceTech Institute offers Applied MSc programmes that are related to these fields and are ideal if you want to learn more in depth about these subjects, even if you don’t have enough time to attend the classe on a full-time basis.

The content of each programme is in fact the foundations of our current digital civilization. If you pay close attention to it, everything is related to big data and AI: social contacts, global production, travel and surveillance, medical systems, and even autonomous cars. Endless amounts of data are collected on a daily basis. Nowadays, we face few problems when it comes to storing data, but we still have to deal with a lack of resources when it comes to analyzing, handling, and extracting relevant information from this data. By studying in the field of data, you acquire fundamental knowledge to understand, analyse and then use this data that makes up our digital universe.

There are several existing forms of quality learning: the traditional programmes that require your physical presence, the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) of which the best-known example is MIT, and the SPOC (Self-Paced Online Course) mode, which is the study mode we offer at DSTI.

Advantages of the SPOC mode:

  • The student studies at his own pace. He does not depend on forced sessions that he cannot necessarily follow on a full-time basis, whether for reasons of time requirement (a full-time job for example) or the speed of assimilation of the subjects.

  • A personalised learning path. At the beginning of the programme, students will have an interview with the Direction of Studies in order to determine a learning path and career objectives, while taking existing constraints into account. We create student success by tailoring a personal study trajectory for them. We offer nothing close to the traditional training approach, in which the student has to conform to the existing trajectory.

  • The real problems related to the pandemic, like the difficulties with the physical displacement of students, and more generally the management infrastructure of a physical institution, are completely eliminated: everything is online! Students watch the recordings of each class.

A personalised learning experience, tailored around your needs

As soon as you register, we design a learning trajectory. Whether you choose the Data Analytics, Data Science or Data Engineering programmes: a common core of courses will be defined, allowing for further specialization. 

Every learning trajectory is designed according to the prerequisite dependencies of the courses, which are given by real teachers.

As a SPOC student, you follow one course at a time, depending on that learning trajectory. Subsequent courses are only unlocked after the evaluation of the current course, therefore guaranteeing the success of your knowledge.

Your learning trajectory is monitored on a monthly basis and adjusted if necessary, by the Direction of Studies.

The development of new skills in order to achieve your professional goals

It is therefore possible to study at a flexible pace, which is defined by yourself. You have full access to all our resources and learning materials. You also receive real support from the Director of Studies and the full teaching staff.

In addition, DSTI offers specific communication channels within the school: weekly teleconferences in order to maintain a real social link and a messaging channel with the Director of studies, allowing you to ask questions and ensure that the professors follow up on your activities.

In the end, the purpose of all our Applied MSc programmes can be summarized in a simple way: they allow you to acquire a quality degree, as well as high-level knowledge and skills that will be extremely valuable in the technological world of tomorrow!

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