Arts et Métiers and DSTI signed a partnership agreement to meet the challenges of the digital industry (Industry 4.0) in the education of engineers

L’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts & Métiers (ENSAM), the largest engineering school in France, and Data ScienceTech Institute (DSTI), a private postgraduate school, 1st in France for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering, signed a partnership agreement on Tuesday, March 19 2019. The goal is to provide post-graduate education to graduated engineers as well as lifelong education solutions for organisations that effectively address the challenges of digitalization in the industry.

Engineering graduates from Arts & Métiers are eligible to the fast track admission process and are exempted to proceed to the €110 admission fee.

The partnership agreement between Arts & Métiers and DSTI meets the challenges of industry 4.0

General engineers must include these digital concepts and tools into their core knowledge as they now power all the enterprises’ functions and in particular massive flow of available data (Big Data, their engineering (data engineering), their processing (data science) and techniques that allow machines to imitate a form of human intelligence (artificial intelligence).

The orientations, strategy and respective positioning of ENSAM and DSTI open up a potential for collaboration, both in postgraduate and lifelong education to meet the challenges for the industry of the future. DSTI will be able to contribute as part of the general Arts & Métiers engineering curriculum and campus activities. DSTI will also participate in, conferences on the digitalisation of the industry in order, to deepen sequences on data engineering, cloud computing and machine learning. After graduating from Arts & Métiers, young engineers will be able to apply for DSTI’s post-graduate specialisation programmes. Lastly, in the field of industrial relations, the Arts et Métiers – DSTI partnership will cover joint consultancy and expertise projects or industrial application projects.

Improving the education of engineers

The merging of Arts & Métiers and DSTI’s skills will improve the training of young engineers and allow them to tackle the challenges of the industry of tomorrow.

“Arts & Métiers is defined by a close proximity to the industrial sector which it supports through a range of training and technological solutions, implemented by its campuses, its technological platforms and its research valorization subsidiary AMValor. Arts & Métiers intends to acquire additional skills allowing to answer better the challenges of industrial digitalization by expanding its training, research and transfer to the industrial sector.“ Laurent Champaney, General Manager of Arts & Métiers

“DSTI has built a private postgraduate school, focused on data science, artificial intelligence and data engineering. Aware of the challenge that this field of specialization represents for the industrial sector, DSTI aims at being able to develop a partnership with a major engineering school specialised in industrial support.” José Massol, President of DSTI

The partnership agreement is part of the network “Arts & Métiers Partners”

Since 2014, Arts & Métiers has forged links with other institutions at the forefront of education and research, which share the same objectives: to contribute to the dynamism of the technological sector and to the challenges raised by the industry of the future.

Arts & Métiers Partners network, a consortium of higher education and research institutions, aims to better meet the challenges of business innovation. Joint actions concern education, but also scientific cooperation and international development. In addition to DSTI, the network involves the ENSMM (National School of Mechanics and Microengineering Besançon), the ESFF (Higher School Foundry and Forge), the ENIM (National School of Engineers Metz) and the Institute Soudure, offering wide opportunities in the industry.

About Arts & Métiers: A leading technology Grande Ecole in France and a founding member of the Future Industry Alliance, Arts & Métiers has 8 campuses and 3 institutes spread over the French territory. Arts & Métiers’ main mission is to train engineers and executives in industry and services, research training, lifelong training and assistance and expertise in the socio-economic world. Every year, ENSAM trains more than 6,000 students from Baccalaureate to Bac + 8. Through its training, its 14 laboratories and its partnership research, Arts & Métiers aims to accompany French and European industrial innovation. Learn more: