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Our Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence 1 programme, with its two entries in Autumn and Spring, will enable you to get a deep understanding of the main scientific grounds for artificial intelligence techniques, centred on modelling and then implementing rather than surveying data science APIs & frameworks. This Applied MSc programme is “depth-first” in applied mathematics and their implementation, led by Professors from the “French School of Mathematics.

The Data Scientist, a job once classified as the “sexistest of the 21st century” by the Harvard Business Review, has now (thankfully) passed its “hype” stage. In this end of the first quarter of the 21st century, employers are well-aware of what is a Data Scientist, i.e. a good applied mathematician who can program a computer for proof-of-concepts (PoC). These PoCs are then industrialised by their IT-focused Data Engineers colleagues and cleverly leveraged organisation-wide by Data Analysts to serve decision-makers.

Although forming the smallest population in-demand for data-centric jobs (#1 Data Engineer, #2 Data Analyst, #3 Data Scientist), they rapidly become high-earners present among the range of established roles that are set to experience increasing demand in the run up to 2022 (“The Future of Jobs Report“, The World Forum).

DSTI Dean’s words on our Applied MSc in Data Analytics & AI

Classes for this Applied MSc in Data Science & AI programme are taught exclusively in English, either on a full-time basis from our campuses, live online (Off-Campus) or part-time in SPOC mode (Self-Paced, with monthly intakes).

In full time mode, the Applied MSc in Data Science & AI runs over a year with 6 months of classes, followed by a 6-month internship (see the Careers tab above). Part-time students in SPOC mode have up to 36 months to complete the programme.

Applied MSc in Data Science and AI - Study Mode at DSTI

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Our Applied MSc in Data Science & AI offers classes exclusively taught in English in:

  • Full-time (On-Campus, Off-Campus)
    • End of September to beginning of April for the Autumn entry (because of the global health crisis, the next cohort will start on November 2nd, 2020);
    • Beginning of March to mid-October for the Spring entry.
  • Part-time (SPOC)
    • Permanent intakes – Look at our SPOC page.

Classes come along with “Engineering Projects”  and are followed by a 6-month work experience.

In our Applied MSc in Data Science & AI programme, you will:

  • Sharpen your applied mathematics for data science and artificial intelligence;
  • Focus your learning curve on understanding the heart of artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • Operationalise your scientific skills with the analysis, design, implementation & monitoring of IT & Big Data architectures;
  • Combine science and technology in application courses & projects requiring both, for dealing with industry-grade data science;
  • Get awareness of IT project management and the legal consequences of data handling, with a pinch of ethical thinking regarding the consequences of mining (big) data.

If you are currently in employment and/or can benefit from third-party financing due to lifelong education rights, please get in touch with us to check what could be organised.

Infographic – Data Science VS Data Engineering

Infographic – Students Profile


Our students will have unlimited access to O’Reilly online learning. Full-time students will have free access for 1 year and SPOC students for 3 years.

Enterprise-Level Certifications

Amazon AWS Certification - Applied MSc in Data Science & AI SAS France Certification - Applied MSc in Data Science & AI

Once your studies and professional experience are completed, your achievements will be assessed by our Graduation Committee. If successful, you will be able to obtain the degree “Expert en Sciences des Données” (Experts in Data Science). DSTI is proud of its Applied MSc in Data Science & AI and Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI to have been fully accredited at Master’s level by the French Government via the RNCP mechanism. The RNCP “Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles” is a government recognition mechanism dedicated to scrutinising programmes’ suitability for the work market. A RNCP title rewards specific needs in terms of skills and knowledge transfer for immediate employability, which is the heart of DSTI philosophy.

The Bootcamp – Applied MSc in Data Science & AI

Data ScienceTech Institute Applied MSc programmes include a Bootcamp to get you up to speed on skills required to start leveraging the different topics.
For Data Science & AI, this applied BootCamp lasts 15 days (3 weeks) and can be followed on-campus or online. 

The DSTI BootCamp is a fundamental moment for your studies. As an integral part of the programmes, it prepares DSTI students to all the base knowledge in applied mathematics and IT for a smooth start.
According to your profile, some parts may be known, but even then, we’ve have plenty of students’ feedback telling us how important it was to refresh former knowledge.

As a full-time student, you may not have time to attend it live as it’s delivered four weeks before the start of “Applied Mathematics” (a tradition at DSTI).
But as everything else at DSTI, it’s recorded and available to unlimited replay, so you can make sure to have covered it.

Next dates : From Monday October 5th to Friday October 23rd 2020

Discover the Bootcamp programme for the Autumn 2020 intake

Programme Structure – Applied MSc in Data Science & AI

700-hour programme – 60 ECTS
850-hour internship (6 months) – The internship is equivalent to 30 ECTS

Our Applied MSc in Data Science & AI programme is composed of all the following modules*, which are actual hours of class attendance (personal work is expected on top of these):

* Please note that course content and support technologies may vary when delivered according to job market needs and under the supervision of Data ScienceTech Institute Scientific Advisory Board.

** Provided you are not subject to any Sanction Programmes of the United States of America which would affect your rights to take these classes and/or examinations.

Engineering Projects/Applied Projects

All students will be assigned engineering projects included in the majority of the modules. Students will conduct projects throughout the year until their classes finish and they go to their work placement. These Engineering Projects aim to apply all the knowledge and skills acquired in the different classes and to use DSTI professors as mentors and coaches throughout the year. Some of these projects may come from applied research work done by our Professors affiliated to a research lab.

Admissions – Applied MSc in Data Science & AI

How do I apply?

Next entry: November 2nd 2020

DSTI offers incentives to new applicants when committing early. The Early Bird is a tuition fees waiver for the Autumn 2020 entry. Two waivers are available to new admitted applicants joining the full-time study mode.

Who is eligible?
All admitted applicants for on-campus or off-campus modes for our Autumn 2020 entry.

5% waiver of the total tuition fee:
Upon their admission, applicants must pay the matriculation deposit before July 15th 2020 to qualify for the waiver

Learn more about the application deadlines here.

You have a degree in…

Applied MSc in Data Science and AI at DSTI - Industries word cloud

Admission Requirements

* Relevant work experience is a plus.

You can choose to join the Applied MSc in Data Science & AI through 3 modes of studies.
Classes are offered either full time On-Campus / Off-Campus or part-time in Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) mode.

On-Campus mode

Choose to study either on the campus of Nice Sophia-Antipolis or Paris. You will follow 6 months of courses (around 5hrs per day), followed by 6 months of internship.

Contact our student ambassadors to learn more about their experience at DSTI!

Distance learning:

Off-Campus (full time) or Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC – part-time) 

Applied MSc in Data Science and AI at DSTI - Online Studies Modes - SPOC

Download the PDF here.

Find more details about the study modes here.

Tuition Fees – Applied MSc in Data Science & AI

The following tuition fees are expressed exclusive of any taxes & are in effect for the Autumn 2020 entry and are subject to change for future years. 

Off-campus students tuition fees may be subject to the local taxes of your country of residence. On-Campus self-funded students are normally exempt of French/EU VAT collection.

In any case, please get in touch with us to check which scenario applies.

Tuition fees for the Autumn 2020 intake:


*The following tuition fees apply only to students living inside of France.
**The following tuition fees apply only to students living outside of France.

DSTI reserves the right to adjust instalments for students paying from countries under currency exchange restrictions, as listed under “Article 14” of the International Monetary Fund.

On Campus students, whose registration fees are not covered by a third party organisation, must pay the CVEC student tax (90€). In addition, students who are not yet registered for social security can register online for student social security on the Ameli website. European students will be required to provide the membership number on their European Health Insurance Card.

Once admitted, you will be required to pay 10% of the programme fees for On-Campus students and 20% for Online Education in order to secure your enrolment (wire transfer, debit/credit card).
This payment can only be refunded in case of exceptional circumstances for not enrolling the programme: visa not issued for international students or proven sudden change of financial situation. Any refund due to visa refusal is exempt if the refusal if due to financial reasons / insufficient funding.

The tuition Fees are paid in 3 instalments, every two months in advance (w/exc. of the initial 10% (on-campus) or 20% (off-campus) down payment for securing your enrolment).

Should an employer be willing to sponsor your Applied MSc matriculation during a sabbatical, we would deal directly with your HR department regarding the fees proportion eligible to be covered in lieu. Please note that French/EU VAT collection may apply to fees paid by your sponsor.

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Careers – Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence


Once the classes are finished, our Applied MSc in Data Science & AI students will need to go for an industrial experience, generally in the form of an internship.

Check the average salary of a Data Scientist in France here (thanks to Glassdoor).

The Data Scientist is in the top 3 of the most demanded job position in the following sectors:

  • Automotive, Aerospace, Supply Chain & Transport
  • Aviation, Travel & Tourism
  • Consumer
  • Energy Utilities & Technologies
  • Financial Services & Investors
  • Global Health & Healthcare
  • Information & Communication Technologies
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas

Trainee Remuneration

Average trainee remuneration in France: 1,300€ per month

Examples of internships

Applied MSc in Data Analytics at DSTI - Airbus Internship Applied MSc in Data Analytics at DSTI - Vinci Internship Applied MSc in Data Analytics at DSTI - Natixis Internship Applied MSc in Data Analytics at DSTI - Adaltas Internship

Careers Center

Our online careers platform allows each student and alumni to have the necessary tools to boost their career in the data field. Students will be able to find internships and job opportunities through a personalized profile. They will access exclusive opportunities across Europe.


Download the Couthon Conseil Guide (french only)
to have an overview of the most important jobs in the data field

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“DSTI’s course and syllabus are continuously evolving according to the needs of the industry and the school makes sure that its students receive the best of the knowledge in the field of analytics that makes them highly employable”

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