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Certified English Proficiency
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Last update on: 07/06/2023

Prepare for the future of computing with DSTI

The Applied Bachelor in Data & Cloud Engineering programme at the Data ScienceTech Institute (DSTI) is an intensive three-year post-high school undergraduate course at Bachelor’s level, which prepares you to become a professional in data-related computer science & engineering. Apprenticeship opportunities are available from the second year and are mandatory in the third year. The progressive teaching in English, the de facto language of the computing professions, allows for the acquisition of real professional practice, accompanied by the opportunity to earn a Cambridge English certification (in the 3rd year).

Discover a comprehensive and integrated "data & cloud" bachelor programme

Students take all courses to develop solid technical skills in mathematics, programming, statistics, machine learning (artificial intelligence), data visualization, and databases The programme is very comprehensive, with compulsory courses in areas such as data engineering, software engineering, cloud computing, machine learning, statistical analysis, and cybersecurity. A significant portion of the curriculum also covers non-technical subjects such as expression and communication, accounting, law, and digital marketing, as well as a conference cycle on “Energy – Climate – Efficient IT”.

A Bachelor programme in Apprenticeship: an invaluable practical experience

From the second year, students can opt* for an apprenticeship, which allows them to work in a company while studying. This provides invaluable practical experience and allows students to apply their technical and non-technical skills in a real professional environment. In addition, an apprenticeship is also an excellent way to finance one’s studies, as tuition fees are then covered by the host company and its professional branch, and the student receives a salary. In the third year, the apprenticeship is compulsory.
*DSTI’s Direction of Studies will assess the readiness of students wishing to start an apprenticeship, with respect to academic results and the necessary maturity level for joining a company.

Preparation for industry certifications

The DSTI Applied Bachelor Data & Cloud program does more than just provide a solid education – it also offers targeted preparation for industry certification exams. These certifications, issued by leading players such as Microsoft, Cisco, or Amazon Web Services, are highly recognised in the professional world. They attest to a specific level of competence and are often required by employers. Therefore, the preparation for these certifications within the DSTI programme gives students a significant competitive advantage in the job market.

Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity: A Sought-After Expertise

With the rise of cloud computing and the growing significance of cybersecurity, the Applied Bachelor programme at DSTI ensures that students are trained in the latest technologies and techniques for managing and securing data and software in the cloud. Whether it’s understanding cloud architectures, implementing robust security strategies, or navigating the complexities of compliance, DSTI students will be ready to meet the challenges of the modern IT world.

Your Career in Data & Cloud Starts Here

In summary, DSTI‘s Applied Bachelor in Data & Cloud Engineering programme is designed to prepare students for an exciting career in high-demand IT professions such as data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cybersecurity The apprenticeship in the second and third years provides practical experience and funds for studies, while courses preparing for industry certification exams offer students additional value for their future careers.

Admission Requirements

DSTI’s undergraduate Bachelor programme in Data & Cloud for computing professionsis open to students who have completed  their high school education (or in their final high school year)with a French Baccalaureate (or equivalent diploma) including a scientific focus (mathematics, physics/chemistry, biology, engineering sciences, economics, etc.). DSTI values the diversity of backgrounds and experiences and assesses each application on an individual basis. It’s important to note that DSTI handles its admissions outside of the French Parcoursup system, thereby offering a clear and personalised admission process.

A Job Market in High Demand

There is a significant shortage of experts in cloud, data, and information systems, as studied by the Directorates for Statistical Studies of the French Ministry of Labour (DARES) and highly visible in its latest annual study, which focused on 2021. Organisations across all economic sectors are feeling the impact of this shortage. Cloud and data-rich information systems specialists are in high demand, not just within start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations, but also within the non-profit sector. Designed in close collaboration with businesses, DSTI’s Applied Bachelor in Data & Cloud Engineering programme is perfectly aligned with the recruitment expectations of today’s job market.

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Open Days

Next Open Day on Wednesday 21st June, from 2pm to 8pm.
Course demonstrations at both the Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Paris campuses starting at 2pm, followed by hybrid Campus/Online sessions from 6pm.


  • Expertise in Information Systems

    Learn how to design, maintain, and optimise various information systems (including web-based ones) and their infrastructures, especially on cloud computing platforms and in hybrid environments

  • Software & Data Engineering

    Learn how to design and interact with structured and unstructured databases, whether they're distributed or not. Gain the ability to work with "back-office" or "backend" applications to circulate and process large data sets, right up to Big Data.

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity

    Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity to protect the systems with which you and users interact.

  • Professional Certifications

    Throughout your course of study, you'll be preparing for and taking various professional certifications to ensure that your skillset aligns closely with market needs.

Programme Organisation

1st Year

Fulltime studies
The first year of the programme equips students with the technical and theoretical foundation necessary for successful apprenticeship placement and integration into the corporate environment.

2nd Year

Apprenticeship or fulltime
The second year allows students to put the knowledge gained into practice within a corporate environment. Either in apprenticeship or with an end-of-year internship.

3rd Year

The third year is exclusively dedicated to apprenticeship, enabling students to further enhance their practical skills and gain substantial professional experience.

Bachelor in Data & Cloud Engineering Programme Structure

1,800hrs programme (in 3 years) – 180 ECTS

  • 1st year (100% delivered in French): 550hrs of courses (+ 50hrs of support sessions and conferences)
  • 2nd year (50% French/English) : 550hrs of courses (+ 50hrs of support sessions and conferences) with possibility of apprenticeship.
  • 3rd year (100% English) : 550hrs of courses (+ 50hrs of support sessions and conferences) exclusively in apprenticeship

Enseignements en français.

Fondamentaux des systèmes informatiques (125h)

  • Architecture des ordinateurs ainsi que leurs systèmes d’exploitation (25h)
  • Introduction aux réseaux informatiques (25h)
  • Introduction au Cloud computing avec AWS et Azure (75h avec certification)

Installation, configuration et exploitation des systèmes et solutions usuels (125h)

  • Introduction aux différents Systèmes d’exploitations comme Windows, Linux et les différentes machine virtuelles (25h).
  • Introduction au différents outils IT du web (25h)
  • Introduction aux « Systèmes de Gestion de Bases de
    Données Relationnelles (SGBDR) »(25h)
  • Introduction aux « Systèmes et applicatifs pour la collaboration dans l’entreprise » (50h)

Fondamentaux du Software & Data Engineering (125h)

  • « Harmonisation Mathématique » (25h)
  • Introduction à l’algorithmie et aux structures de données (50h)
  • « Mathématiques Appliquées de l’ingénierie (Niv 1) » (25h)
  • Introduction au « Modèle Relationnel et SQL » (25h)

Entreprise et Société (175h)

  • Expression et Communication (Français) (50h)
  • Practical and Business English (Level 1) (50h)
  • Préparation à la certification « Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate » (50h)
  • Cycle Ateliers & Coaching « Préparation à l’entrée sur le marché de l’emploi » (25h)

Enseignements partiellement en anglais.

Infrastructures Informatiques (125h)

  • Certification « Cisco Certified Network Associate » (CCNA) (50h)
  • Certification « Amazon AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate » (en anglais) (75h)

Systèmes d’exploitation pour l’Infrastructure as a Service (125h)

  • Certification « Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate »(50h)
  • Certifications Linux Professional Institute (LPI) LPIC-1 & LPIC-2 (75h)

Software & Data Engineering (125h)

  • Ecosystèmes de développement « enterprise » (100h)
  • Advanced SQL (25h)

Entreprise et Société (175h)

  • Practical and Business English (Level 2) (75h)
  • Environnement économique et fonctionnement des organisations (25h)
  • Ressources Humaines, Relations Sociales et droit du travail (25h)
  • Comptabilité générale & analytique (50h)

Courses essentially English.

Cybersecurity of Hybrid Infrastructures (125h)

  • Certification « Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate » (50h)
  • Certification « Linux Professional Institute LPIC-3 Security » (75h)

Performance-Driven Systems (125h)

  • The DevOps Philosophy & Toolkit (25h)
  • DevOps & Continuous Integration (50h)
  • Introduction à « Hadoop & Spark Ecosystems » (50h)

Data Engineering & AI (125h)

  • « Foundations of Statistical Analysis & Machine learning » (25h)
  • « Python for Data Engineering & AI development » (50h)
  • « Web Technologies for Data-Centric Applications & Services » (50h)

Organisations & Society (175h)

  • IT Project Management (25h)
  • Customer Relationship Management Theory & Systems (25h)
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing and its Tools (25h)
  • Droit Commercial, Droit de la Propriété Intellectuelle (25h)
  • Ethique et droit de la donnée et de l’intelligence artificielle (25h)
  • Cycle de Séminaires «Création de Valeur par l’entreprise» (25h)

* Please note that the course content and supporting technologies may vary when delivered, based on the demands of the job market and under the supervision of the Scientific Advisory Board of Data ScienceTech Institute. This ensures that our curriculum remains relevant and in line with industry requirements, providing you with the most up-to-date skills and knowledge.

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Allapplicants whishing to enrol in our Bachelor programme must meet the following criteria:

  • Having earned (or about to) a French Baccalaureate or equivalent, with scientific courses and grades showing knowledge and usage of applied matehmatics, supported by transcripts of academic records of the penultimate and final years of High School
  • Eligibility assessment based on supporting documents, online applications (outside the French ParcourSup platform).
  • Admission interview, either on-campus (Nice Sophia-Antipolis ou Paris) or online.

Tuition fees

The Apprenticeship scheme (contrat d’apprentissage) covers the entire tuition fees, funded by the host companies.

1st year
*tuition fees covered by students and/or their families.
  • Fulltime
  • Nice Sophia-Antipolis or Paris campuses (no online mode)
0 or 8,000*
2nd year
*in apprenticehip, tuition fees are covered by host companies.
  • Fulltime or Apprenticeship
  • Nice Sophia-Antipolis ou Paris campuses, or online anywhere in France
3rd year
*in apprenticehip, tuition fees are covered by host companies.
  • Apprenticeship only
  • Nice Sophia-Antipolis ou Paris campuses, or online anywhere in France