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Application Process

Applications for our Autumn 2018 entry are open!
Autumn Session: October 2018 entry
Closing dates for submission of ON-CAMPUS applications:
– Non-European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra or Monaco nationals currently residing outside these countries: August 25th 2018.
– European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra or Monaco nationals: September 1st 2018*.
– Non-European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra or Monaco nationals currently residing within the EEA, Andorra or Monaco: September 1st 2018*.

* Please note that late applications may be considered should you not require a full visa application (renewals are easier) AND can easily organise accommodation either in Paris or Nice Sophia-Antipolis.

ONLINE EDUCATION/SPOC applications: your admission interview can happen up to September 15th 2018.

Late on-campus applicants (regardless of being in or out the EEA) can always start off-campus and join on-campus later*.
* On-campus fees would apply.

Fully online and virtually free of charge!

Data ScienceTech Institute Apply DSTI


You apply, we assess your eligibility, you get an online entry test
and an interview (video-conference or in person), we assess your admission.

Hurry up, there is limited number of students per programme!

It’s open 24/7 and we have monthly sessions from January to mid-September, when our eligibility and admission committees gather to assess your application.
But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for a whole month before hearing from us as we promise to contact you back within a working week.
This will be a real person, not an automated email sent by our otherwise wonderful CRM (you will also get those).

Step 1: Apply online

We mean this link. And we promise to ask for only the most relevant information at this stage, so we can assess your application eligibility.
You will need to provide the usual registry data, your CV and a cover letter.
Your English proficiency will be assessed by your understanding of our entry test and during the admission interview. You are also free and welcome to provide any English proficiency test that you may have taken.
You may also submit as many recommendation letters as you wish to.

Step 2: Eligibility

Every month, our Eligibility Committee decides whether your application is suitable for admission.
Again, don’t worry too much here: they will just make sure that you have a sufficient educational and/or professional background to follow our state-of-the-art programmes.
And if they are not 100% sure, we will contact you back and give you a chance to prove your worthiness (and no, we won’t try and drop Excalibur on your shoulders for that).

You will also receive a link (we did say you’d get automated emails) for taking our online entry test.

Step 3: Admission

Once your application is declared eligible, please start taking our online entry test as soon as possible.
And no, we don’t use standardised test (GMAT, GRE, etc.). Ours has been designed to assess skills specifically for data science.
We mostly want to know whether you will blossom in our Applied MSc in Data Science, Advanced MSc in Artificial Intelligence or Applied MSc in Data Engineering programmes.

As such, there is no “pass” mark for the test. It’s however required for all eligible applicants to be called for an interview (most probably via video-conference) which holds the final admission decision.

In order to take this interview, we will ask you to proceed to a 100€ payment, which are not included in your tuition fees, should you be admitted.

Step 4: You are in France!

And either sunbathing in Nice or falling in love with Paris (don't we all?).

Ok, let’s be honest, you’ll have to give some extra administrative information and upload a few documents through our website, particularly for those sponsored by their employers, but you could guess that, couldn’t you?

The programmes start between:

  • the first or second week of October for Autumn entries.
  • the first or second week of March for Spring entries.