Robert Plana DSTI

Dr Robert Plana – CTO Assystem

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Dr Robert Plana CTO, Assystem Former Ecosystem Leader, GE Digital VP for Industrial Relationship, IEEE France Former Chief Scientist & Head the Strategy Department for the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research Former Global Scientific Director and Head of Mathematics, Physics, Nanotechnology & ICT for the CNRS Full Professor at Université Toulouse III, with the Institut Universitaire de France Distinction CNRS Bronze Medal laureate (1999) PhD in ICT, Université Toulouse III …

Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro DSTI

Dr Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro – SAS Analytical Training Consultant

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Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro Dr. Carlos Andre Reis Pinheiro is a Principal Analytical Training Consultant at SAS. He is an expert in exploratory data analysis and analytical modeling, including, clustering, classification, prediction, association rules, sequence association rules, text mining, path analysis, optimization and network analysis. LinkedIn Profile Professional page  

Georgiy Bobashev DSTI

Dr Georgiy Bobashev – Johns Hopkins University

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Georgiy Bobashev Georgiy Bobashev is an RTI Fellow in the Center for Data Science at RTI International with more than 20 years of experience in health research. His current research interests follow two major areas: predictive modeling and studies of substance use and risky behaviors. Predictive methods often combine mechanistic (e.g., agent-based and system dynamics) and machine learning techniques. Full …