5 tips to stay on track throughout the year

It can be difficult for students to find their feet and get into a proper rhythm when the new semester approaches. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We break down the essential things to keep in mind before going back to school. Get your pens and papers ready!

By Hanna Abi Akl, 2018 cohort

Keep a calendar

To many students, the word “semester” is a daunting notion associated with assignments, projects, exams…it’s easy to see how things can quickly pile up and become overwhelming in a short time span.

To keep track of everything and avoid being submerged by endless tasks, a calendar is of essence – be it Google Calendar, Outlook or even a manual calendar you like to carry around with you. Just make sure to keep it updated at all times to keep up with the constant (and sometimes sudden) changes that a semester bears with it!

Divide and conquer

…or just another fancy way of saying “Start Early”. Because a semester is often overloaded with classes and assignments (refer to point 1 above), procrastination is a BAD IDEA.

In fact, it’s never the answer and will almost always lead to breakdowns from accumulated stress and sleepless nights. A good habit would be tackling things early on, either by reading some of the material ahead or at the very least reviewing the day’s work before the next class. You’re guaranteed to be prepared at all times!

Eat healthy

You are what you eat… and while chocolate and other sugary sweets can sometimes offer a good boost (especially during long revisions!), what a student really needs is stamina. A semester is like a marathon and, in order to survive it, you will need all the energy and fuel you can get. That means stocking up on fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, out of bed and in the classroom!


Err, because your body’s a temple! (isn’t that how the saying goes?)

Stay calm

Much of the time it’s important to remember things won’t go your way. Whether it’s an assignment you could’ve done better or a notion you’re struggling to grasp first-hand, staying calm and level-headed always helps ease past any tough situation!

That’s it. Keeping those tips in mind should help you face your semester headstrong. You’ve reached the end of the Applied MSc programme (and this read). You’re ready, grasshopper.

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