Thinking about a career switch to data? You’ve come to the right place!

At DSTI, the 1st Applied School in Data Science and Big Data in France, we are driven by one main goal: high-value employment for our students. If you decide to come to DSTI, you can be confident that you’ll get the necessary skills and knowledge.

Discover what DSTI has to offer to help you achieve your professional goals and build the successful career you dream of.


We aim to provide students high-quality learning experiences. We believe that Data Science and Data Engineering fields will revolutionize a lot of indutries. Therefore, our main goal is to train our students the best way possible to reach their professional goals. The faculty delivers excellence in science and technology. Learn more about our experts professors.

Also, students can stay after class on both campuses to study work on their projects. Alternatively, students on the campus of Sophia-Antipolis can meet their classmates and professors in the canteen or in the relaxation room.

reason-two_dsti We wish to help our students develop their competencies and knowledge. Our students comes from different backgrounds and want to accomplish a specific professional goal. Therefore, our role is to help each one identifying their main objective for their work project. 

DSTI is an international community and welcomes students from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and cultures. Around 70% of our students are from outside France. DSTI is home to more than 45 nationalities. Discover the DSTI student profile infographic.

Cohorts study as a team, we are not talking about emulation but about collaboration.



At DSTI, you will have the best support network – from teachers to classmates. The programmes are very intensive and it can be stressful sometimes, but DSTI staff is here to help you. Support is provided daily basis, whether you are an on-campus or online student, by the Student Care Officer on the campus of Sophia-Antipolis and Paris. Be in a school of human size, where you are truly part of “Team DSTI”.

DSTI offers an immersive and innovative syllabus that is constantly updated according to industry requirements – thanks to our Scientific Advisory Board. Members of the SAB have an important function in evaluating the quality of each course content. 

Also, 2 enterprise-level certifications are included in each programme: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – AssociateSAS  Certified Predictive Modeler and Cloudera Certified Data Engineer.

DSTI students can choose between 3 different study mode – on-campus, online or through the SPOC mode.

On-campus and online mode = full-time student
SPOC mode = part-time student

Read more about the study modes.

Moreover, the campus of Sophia-Antipolis and Paris are virtually connected and classes are given to both simultaneously.

After the 6 month of intensive classes, students will have to do a 6-month internship. This opportunity will allow them to apply the notions they learned, and to start building their professional goals by applying what they learned. 100% of our students find an internship. Students can find it through DSTI Online Career Center, a platform launched in partnership with JobTeaser. Once their profile created, they will be able to apply to exclusive internship and job offers. The staff is also helping each student with their resume and internship interview.

Each semester, we receive a lot internship offers. The most difficult part is not to find one, but to find the RIGHT one that fist with your professional goals.


The 6-month programmes are taught and students must work hard. They will have the opportunity to join a cohort full of motivated students and professors that will allow them to develop their competencies in the area. The programmes ally both theory and practice.

Each programme includes 600 hours of tuition and 200 hours of applied projects. You need to add an extra 25 hours per week of study and work.

But don’t worry, it’s worth it!

If you want to be a leader in your industry or change career path, then you can find your perfect career-focused degree qualification at DSTI.

In both our Applied MSc programmes, students work on various real-world projects with a variety of business partners. For example, the Crédit Agricole PCA, one of the most famous bank in France. These intensive applied projects are completed over the 6 months of classes.

The admission interview is divided in 2 parts – the technical and social interview. The technical interview will help the eligibility committee to have a better idea of the candidate’s strenghts and weaknesses. Once admitted to DSTI, personalized MOOCs will be sent to the new student in order to improve specific competencies. Moreover, a 10-day bootcamp will be organised 3 weeks before the start of each semester.